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Painting course

Are you curious about different painting techniques? Watercolor or Acrylic.


Under the direction of Shaheena Akhlaque, active artist, you get to practice on different surfaces (paper, panels, silk) with different types of colors and their conditions. To understand the differences and areas of use for different aids such as pencils, brushes, spatulas and the like

To understand and practice perspective and composition.

We meet every other Thursday during the semesters = 8 times. at 13.00 -16.00 at Föreningsgården Ekolnsnäs, lövängsvägen 49, Uppsala.

The tuition fee is SEK 1,600 for members of one

disability association that is affiliated to the Uppsala Functional Law.

non-members pay SEK 2,000.

The fee includes coffee / tea, but not snacks.


The course is organized in collaboration with ABF and the rheumatism association.

Ev. questions and reports are answered by Shaheena Akhlaque

Phone: 073 775 09 91.

Email: shaheena.konst@gmail.com

Welcome! / Föreningsgården Ekolnsnäs.


Artist: Shaheena Akhlaque

Create with your hands

You are welcome to participate in our textile friend circle, circle leader is Inger Hjelte.


The work is freely based on the participants' needs where we solve the problems as they arise during the semester. We deal with various techniques such as knitting, crochet, macramé, lace, embroidery sewing, applications, beadwork, changing clothes, pattern construction, cutting, sewing and weaving.


We meet every other Thursday during the semesters = 8 times at 13.00 - 16.30 at Föreningsgården Ekolnsnäs, Lövängsvägen 49, Uppsala.

The circle is organized in collaboration with ABF and the rheumatism association.

Cost: SEK 250 / person per semester incl. coffee / tea but not snacks.

Ev. questions and notifications are answered by

Inger Hjelte

Phone 070-17 19 085

Email: ekolnsnas@gmail.com


Inger Hjelte's pillow gallery . The pillows are sewn on wool cloth with appliqués, different types of embroidery, beads and leftover yarns


Reuse . This duffel has Inger sewn from a blanket bought at the recycling center for SEK 40 and buttons from the Red Cross for SEK 10

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